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Low Pressure Water Mist ( Foam) Fire Tender

Product Water Mist (Foam) Fire tender as per 1906 to be mounted on pick up vehicle having pay load capacity 1 ton to 3.5 Ton.
Model No: MPU03
Suitable Chassis 1 Ton to 3.5 Ton pay load capacity
Water capacity 600 Ltr to 2000 Ltr.
Foam capacity 40 Ltr to 50 Ltr
(In built Foam injection system)
Pump Type Diaphragm Type
Pump capacity:
Suction Flow

100 LPM
Max Pressure 40 Bar
Suction Head Min 6 Mtr
Suction Time
Without Priming
30 Sec Max
Foam Injection Pump Diaphragm Type
Max. Pump Pressure 40 Bar
Foam Injection System Variable Foam Injection System to be adjusted from 0 to 8 %
Discharge Pressure 24 Bar
Main Gun 60 liter/min.
Lancing Distance  
Spray 7 - 8 Mtr
Jet 14 -18 Mtr
2nd Gun Flow rate 20 LPM
Lancing Distance Jet 12-15 Mtr
Operating Pressure Max 24 Bar
Hose Details
Main Gun
2nd Gun

60Mtr (30 Mtr with Additional Hose reel 30 mtr)
30 Mtr
Engine details  
Make Brigg & Stratton / Honda
HP 13 HP
Operation Pull cord with Battery operated system.
Suction provision Tank as well as from outer source
Operation Time 10 min with single gun of 60 LPM
can be continue if water is available
Optional Item Aluminum ladder
  Wooden Cutter
Steel Cutter
9L Backpack Fire Fighting Equipment
BA Set
Fire proximity suit with Fire Helmet


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