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High Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting System

High Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting System
High pressure fire fighting equipment based on water mist technology. To be mounted on pick up vehicle / trolley / carriers can be used as mini fire tender.

Water capacity :

Available from 300 to 600 ltrs


Water Mist Fire Fighting System

The water mist fire fighting system have a filling volume of 300 – 600 liters of Water and 50 litres of Foam. It is designed to be mounted on most standard pickups and other small vehicles. It have minimal requirements of space and weight while optimizing on manpower requirement and minimizing the water and other collateral damage to negligible in comparison to conventional water tender. The Unit design shall incorporate foam induction system which provides variable foam dosing and suction of water from an external source for direct fire fighting or filling of the tank.

Specification / Details of the Unit :
Weight of empty 300 – 600 lts. Unit : 150 - 350 kgs.( Max)
Usable Water capacity: : 300 - 600 ltrs.
Usable Foam capacity : 50 - 200 ltrs
No. of deliveries : 2-Nos
Main Extinguishing Gun :  
Flow rate : 22 lts/min( +5%)
Weight of extinguisher gun: : 2 kgs Max.
Working pressure on the nozzle: : 100 bars Max. with nominal reaction.
Throw : Jet –15 mts. (+/- 10%)
Spray : 6m (+/- 10%)
Hose reel : 60 mts (standard) on manual drum
Max. set operating pressure : 100 bars
Starter : Electric starter with provision of Pull cord over-ride
Level Indicator : Mechanical
Main Pump  
Max. Pressure : 100 Bars
Min. flow : 38 l/mn
Power of the engine : 13 BHP
Engine make : Briggs & Stratton / Honda
Fuel : Unleaded Petrol

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