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Fire Fighting Equipments & Safety Products, Back Pack Systems, Fire Entry Suit, Fire Proximity Suit, Cheetah, Thane, India


Our Company is established in December 2003 by keeping vision of providing the services to the Industries in the field of Fire Fighting and Rescue operation. We always believe in new research and development in the field of fire fighting considering aspect of global warming.
We are manufacturer of Portable Fire Fighting Equipments as per ISI/EN Standards.
Considering the new innovation in the field of fire fighting we would like to bring your notice that our water + foam combined Mini fire tender is available with Water Mist technology which is suitable for all class of fire i.e. ABC and live electric fire. We are proud to say that this Mini Fire Tender is a World unique concept developed by us.

Considering the Geographical Conditions and global warming there would be water crises in the world, and in most of the areas drinking water is also not available, in such cases our Mini Fire Tender is most suitable for optimum utilization and conservation of water which extinguish the fire with very less quantity of water.

Our valued clients are the Municipal corporations and Individual Industries, Defense Services, Air port Authorities, Port Trust, High Raised Buildings, Public Service departments.

    Water Mist Portable Backpack Type | MTPL Fighter | Water Mist Mobile Fire Fighting Equipment
    Water Mist Supperession Systems | Water Mist Mini Fire Tender
    Fire Entry Suits And Proximity Suits | Self Contained Positive Pressure Breathing Apparatus |
    Air Lifting Bags, Safety Helmets, Rescue Belts, Full Body Harness | High Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting System