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  Helmet / as per EN 443
The glass fiber reinforced helmet shell is yellow in colour. Complies with (EU Standard) and is approved as per
EN 443. The interior harness is adjustable in size and exchangeable. The helmet allows for installation of impact sound microphones and accepts all types of BA masks.
  Fire Boots / EN15090z:2006
According to EN 15090: 2006 F2A HI3 CI HRO. Fire fighting boot, heavy duty type,made of high-grade hydrophobic black tanned leather. Lined throughout with natural colored grain leather.
All seams are specially impregnated
  According To EN659:2003
Outer layer:
Back of the hand and cuff made of high quality NOMEX III with a KEVLAR nonwoven laminated onto the backside for heat and cut protection; Palm side made of siliconcoated NOMEX/KEVLAR-double face-fabric for excellent dexterity, high abrasion resistance and anti-slip on wet and smooth surfaces; Moisture barrier and inner lining:
  Fire Jacket
According to EN469:2005 This^ garment is one part of the personal protect equipment stipulated by EN 469
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